FAQ trading desk AdxAd

Hierarchy of the entities in the trading desk:

Project -> Campaign -> Creative

Where can I see my funds in the account:

In the upper right corner of the screen

How to create a project:

Press the “home” button to move to the trading desk:

Now you are in the trading desk. Here you can create your projects, put your campaigns into the projects and add creatives to your campaigns. Press “Create new project” in the upper right corner of the screen for creating a project:

Choose an SSP you’d like to buy traffic from and name your project:

Then press “create”.

Your project is created now.

How to enter a created project:

Just click on the name of the project with the left mouse button. Well done, you are in the project now:

For going back to the project list please click either “home” or “trade desk”:

How to create a campaign:

Enter any project and press “create campaign”:

In the campaign creating interface go through the four steps one by one:

  1. Choose your adult category and insert your campaign name and advert format:
  2. Set up the advanced targetings:
  3. Insert your click URL, media type, set your bid (CPM in USD) and frequency cap:
  4. Set up the retargeting:
  5. Press “save” button below:

How to change the settings in your campaign:

Enter your campaign by simply clicking on it:

Press “campaign settings”:

Now you are in the same interface where you have set up the settings as you were creating the campaign. Just change the settings you’d like to create and press the same “save” button

How to add a creative to your campaign:

Enter your campaign:

Press “Add creative”:

Fill the fields:
Creative name, Domain URL (just a URL of your offer homepage, not a click URL), choose your product niche. You can also set a separate bid for the creative:

How to launch your campaigns and start getting traffic:


  1. Your project:
  2. Campaigns in your project:
  3. Creatives in your campaigns:

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